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Whatís Your Question? for Sept. 2, 2009


Will Christ sit on Davidís throne in Jerusalem?


The Premillennial system says that Jesus will sit on Davidís throne in Jerusalem and reign for 1,000 years. The angel, Gabriel, told Mary that her son would be given the throne of David and would reign forever (Lk. 1:26-33). Peter said Godís promise that the fruit of Davidís body would sit on his throne, referred to the resurrection and ascension of Christ (Acts 2:29-36). Daniel prophesied that the Son of God would receive a kingdom when He ascended to heaven, not when He came back (Dan. 7:13,14). Zechariah said He would be both Priest and King (Zech. 6:12,13). Jesus is now both priest (Heb. 8:1) and king (Acts 17:7).  The premillennial theory dethrones Christ. (My lesson Sunday night will be a much more thorough presentation of Bible teaching on this subject. You are cordially invited.)


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